2GOVERN is an audit management application that is developed and owned by Transition IT, and offers a complete toolset to efficiently manage all your Audit programmes and Codes of Conduct in a single system.

It creates visibility from top to bottom through high level overviews and dashboards to granular details and discussions on single item level. 2GOVERN is complete toolset that allows external parties and internal departments and users to collaborate online in a secure environment. 

As your data is stored in our online secure database (note: our hosting centers are in The Netherlands, Europe) you will always work with the latest and most up to date data. No more chasing & processing excel sheets and spending hours on data crunching before you the status and progress of your audits! And through offering 24/7 transparency, identifying and mitigating risks is now easier than ever. 

We are very passionate about offering the best to our customers and we constantly add new features to the platform, based on best practices, innovation and recommendations & requests from our users. And being a Saas solution, new features in 2GOVERN will be available to all users immediately.

2GOVERN: ‘Compliance made Easy’




Transition IT is  specialized in development issues of organizations. We deliver sustainable and efficient business solutions.

From our own software applications 2GOVERN and SustainView, to software development, IT outsourcing, as well as consultancy, change & project management and systems (re-)engineering, Transition IT is active in various fields of expertise and only delivers pragmatic and practical solutions that work. In addition, we operate as a partner. Which means: we are there when you need us.
Our growing list of partners and increasing range of capacities is our strength, listening to your question and set your goals together is our motivator.

We develop a customized strategy based on the needs of the customer and that of the final consumer. We determine the direction for the future and help you to get there.

That’s what makes a true partner and we are not just a partner…

…we are your partner!